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Sherlock Holmes and the Sons of Anubis

April 2, 6, 7, 8, 9 at 8pm, April 3 and 9 at 3pm

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When a chilling ancient curse falls on eminent archaeologist and celebrated soldier, Lord Caerphilly, consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, is called upon to investigate.
Holmes and Watson are then plunged into a hidden London of murderous cultists, sinister middle eastern scoundrels, and bawdy, deceitful whores. In this murky underworld, Holmes sets about unravelling the threads of a dark, ancient mystery. A mystery bound up with a diabolical conspiracy aimed at the very heart of the British Empire – Victoria, the Queen Empress herself.
This rollercoaster homage to late Victorian Gothic, pits one of fiction’s most enduring creations against one of the most malevolent monsters of the horror genre. Sherlock Holmes: arch-rationalist and dogged embodiment of British pluck and all-round brilliance, facing a depraved and unstoppable ancient revenant.
But in the fog-shrouded metropolis where nothing is what it seems, which enduring legend of popular literature will triumph in this epochal battle of wits?
‘Sherlock Holmes and the Sons of Anubis’ brings together several famous real and fictional characters of the period, in one fiendish mystery. Where Grand Guignol rubs shoulders with a ripping Boy’s Own adventure, laced through with black humour.
Readthroughs of the script will take place at the Coulsdon Community Centre on the evenings of the 5th and 10th January. If anybody, existing member or someone new, wants to take part, just turn up around 8pm and join in. We don’t do formal auditions. The director will listen to everyone who reads, and base their casting of the show, for the best part, on what they hear. Other factors may influence the final decision making, but we try to be as open to new talent as we can.