About Us

Well, as you’ve probably guessed by now, we’re an amateur theatre. Amateur in that we do it for love. Not amateur as in ropey. And never ‘amateur dramatics’ or ‘am-dram’. That’s so last century. Invented in 1970, we’ve been re-inventing ourselves with every show since.

We started as a youth group specialising in experimental work, and we still retain that independent and innovative streak. We’ve staged over 50 completely original productions, devised, adapted, or written specifically for TWC.  The current active membership contains over half a dozen members who have written work that we have successfully performed on stage. Original or not, all our productions tend towards the bold, exuberant, and generally larger than life. We just don’t do the usual ‘am-dram’ fare of farces, whodunnits, schmaltzy musicals, Stoppards and Ayckbourns. Many amateur companies endlessly recycle this same fare – not us.

Our approach is informal, with a simple philosophy: To aim for the highest possible standards in every aspect of our productions – but never at the expense of enjoyment. In other words – we take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

If you’d like to find out a bit more about our 48 year history, support us by becoming a patron, or look at some choice selections from past reviews (good and bad), please click the appropriate button at the top of the page.

How we’re run

Theatre Workshop Coulsdon is run by a committee elected from the membership at an annual meeting held each October. In addition to the roles of Secretary and Treasurer, five other members make up the committee which meets on a monthly basis to discuss the choices and challenges that the group has. This ranges from the ‘nuts and bolts’ of finance, maintenance and health & safety to creative decisions over what future productions may be. Any member may attend these meetings, although only the committee members may vote. Any member may propose an item for discussion by the committee, either in person at a meeting or via the secretary. A copy of the constitution, outlining the group’s objectives, organisation and operation, is available on request from any member of Committee, the Charities Commission website (searching for our charity by name) or by clicking this link.

The Committee

for 2018/19 is:

Secretary   Bruce Montgomery

Treasurer   Dawn Ford

Committee Members   Lucy-Ann Bird, Peter Bird, Mike Brown, Paul Ford, Richard Lloyd.

Theatre Workshop Coulsdon is a registered charity in England and Wales (No.1150788)