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Theatre Workshop Patrons

Please consider becoming a patron of Theatre Workshop Coulsdon.

What does being a patron entail?
Well, it simply means you become a supporter of the group. Like having a club card – only better.
We ask you to make a modest annual donation (minimum £30.00), in return for which you get a pair of tickets for every Theatre Workshop Coulsdon production (normally at least three per year) plus free refreshments at every show (yes, including at our open air productions), a free programme at every show, as well as advance information about all forthcoming TWC productions.
It’s good for us, because we get at least a few (more or less) guaranteed bums on seats, plus we get a little bit of income in advance. We need cash flow to finance all those sets and costumes.
You can pay by direct debit, or by card, cash or cheque. Of course, some people, steadfast supporters of the group and serious patrons of the performing arts, make their donation for a lot more than £30.00…  We don’t discourage this.
If you’d like to become a patron, even for one year only, all you have to do is let us know by completing the form on this page. or by phoning our box office and patronage scheme supremo, Tim Young, on 07709 266728
Questions and answers…
Q. What if I can’t use my pair of complimentary tickets for a particular production – because I’m away on holiday for instance?
A. You can treat someone else by giving them your tickets!
Q. What if I want more than two tickets for a particular production?
A. We’d love to sell you some more! Call Tim on 07709 266728 – he’ll sort you out.
If you have any other questions or would like to become a patron, please send us your contact details by email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
This information will not be submitted to any 3rd party company for their marketing purposes.