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Sound and Imagination

TWC Atmospherics is the name given to the audio production project started in 2016, but whose genesis lay in the success of the 2015 Spring Production ‘Radio Days’, which took the radio, or audio play concept to a live stage. The format was quickly recognised as a means of releasing our collective creativity from the bounds of limiting little things like budget and construction. Now, with the application of music and sound effects to create the right atmosphere, our audience’s imagination can take them anywhere. Our first completed audio drama is an adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’, a Sherlock Holmes adventure, with the famous detective moving through the fog-shrouded streets of Victorian London…


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A cryptic message, a masked man, a determined woman and a photograph that could change the course of nations. Sherlock Holmes finds himself up against a cunning adversary that might just be a match for the skills of the master detective…


Adapted from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original tale by Paul M Ford and Dan Ireson, featuring Rachel Handler as Irene Adler, Richard Lloyd as the King of Bohemia, Chris Argles as Doctor John Watson and Paul M Ford as Sherlock Holmes.

Editing and Sound Effects by Peter Bird, with music composed and performed by Peter Bird.

When Mrs Lancaster and her family take up residence in an old house in a quiet little English town, she hopes the change of atmosphere will help her ailing son. But the tragedy that once struck the house has echoes that all but she can hear and the shadow of death that she has fought so hard to escape looms closer with each day…

A ghost story with a difference from the mistress of crime fiction, adapted by Paul M Ford and featuring Mike Brown as the Narrator, Dawn Ford as Mrs Lancaster, Tim Young as Grandfather, Alfie Brown as Geoffrey, Joe Wilson as Mr Raddish, Connor Nestor as the Doctor and Kiera Ford as the ghostly child.

Editing and Sound Effects by Peter Bird, with music composed and performed by Peter Bird.


In space, no-one can hear you…overcook the kedgeree. When Bertie finds himself in a bit of a scrape with some dreadfully aggressive chaps seemingly bent on his imminent demise, and no idea as to why, it’s down to his ever helpful AI to get him out of this bothersome predicament. Thankfully, you can always trust your AI to look after you. Can’t you…?

This science-fiction tale with a twist is an original story written and performed by Paul M Ford. Recording, editing and sound effects are by Peter Bird, with music also composed and performed by Peter Bird.